The Ramen Blog

With all due respect to David Chang, this site is about the real story of Ramen noodles. You see, long before Momofuku, Ippudo, and all the other fabled fifteen-dollar bowls of noodles, there was Ramen. 25 cents a pack. Food of the artist, sustenance of the writer. Ramen was not trendy. Ramen was not hand-pulled. It was, however, frequently available for 8 for a dollar. Now since this is incidentally a site dedicated to taste, flavor and hunger, a recipe is in order. 


--1 pack Ramen soup

--1 package of pork for stir fry

--1 scallion

--1 tbsp olive oil

--That packet of soy sauce leftover from Chinese

Boil noodles. Chop up the scallion. Fry up the pork. Throw ingredients in any pan without actual rust showing through. Heat until steaming. Enjoy with Letterman.

The Ramen Blog is intended as a hungry artist's menu to possibility. It's a tough world out there. Hyper-charged media makes it sound like every writer should be on the 30 Under 30 list, every actress developing the next "Girls," every artist enroute to Art Basel Miami, and every purveyor of food opening a farm-to-table eight person restaurant to stellar reviews in some part of Brooklyn. It's a tough sell out there on the street. And a worthy one. Pull up a bowl of 25-cent soup. Chime in.