"Food for Marriage is delectable; addictive as heritage bacon, salty as a just-shucked bluepoint, and hot as a habanero ."

—Gabrielle Langholtz
Editor-in-Chief, Edible Brooklyn

In the spirit of The Big Chill, four couples gather for a reunion at Lucy and Lionel’s Upper East Side apartment. The occasion is a dinner party for Lucy's best friend, Nicole – the first of the gang to divorce and reappear with a new partner in tow. The rest of Lucy's guest list are in various states of emotional undress.

Dan the actor has chucked his day job in hopes of his big break, much to his writer-wife Nora’s chagrin. Paula is ready to spin dry her husband into oblivion after he loses his Wall Street job and wallows in the realities of becoming an at-home Dad. Nicole, the guest of honor, dances into Lucy's soiree sporting the dapper and handsome Gray, an academic from Georgetown who puts a fresh spin on second chances. And Lucy’s Lionel – a conductor and composer of note, struggles with writer’s block as Lucy struggles with the loss of her ambitions, waylaid on the way to a rudderless life of extreme comfort.

Drinks flow and barely-sheathed truths and secrets are not far behind. Four modern couples, a Bacchanalian farm-to-table feast, and confidences once buried rise to the surface as the gloves come off in this unchecked night of urban comedy and malaise.