A week ago Saturday I marched with 400,000 people down Fifth Avenue in New York. Sunday morning, while enjoying a stroll through, I saw a nice storm system brewing out over the Rockies and picking up speed heading east. Thanks to a large number of frequent flyer miles and a twelve-dollar-a-day rental car, I was able to get to Denver to go experience a two-lane highway I had traveled once before, and promised myself I'd re-visit someday in a blizzard.

The images below are as surreal and otherworldly as they seem. I returned to New York to learn that we were closing our door to strangers. Over the course of my journey, I experienced nothing but kindness. We pushed one another's cars out of snow banks, made buckets of chicken noodle soup in the Quality Inn when all the restaurants closed, and shared whisky, stories and laughter as the storm blew through. No one closed any doors. There didn't seem to be much need to "make America great, again." We were doing just fine.