Two Weeks, 11,000 miles

It is by pure happenstance that so much has happened since the boys and I moved out of our apartment (which in answer to the question many have asked – yes! – we are staying in Brooklyn. Just looking for a smaller place since Ben is off to college.)

I have driven 2,000 miles around America and then, on the eve of the election, jumped on a plane and flew about as far as you can fly. Sitting here on my last day in Capetown, I decided the juxtaposition of a few images might be in order.

Read into these images what you may. I am chockful of opinions. It seems plenty of folks these days are. So in the spirit of peace, love & understanding, I figured I'd close with one lasting shot that I suspect will leave everyone with at least a smile from a very tempestuous fall. (Mea culpa Cleveland fans.) I'm heading home.