Funny & Delicious

Okay. 4 p.m. lull, New York City. Pissing down rain, can't even sneak out for a dollar-slice. Eyes getting heavy. What to do???

Pop in on my new favorite foodie website, Bon Appetempt! She is funny. Her husband is funny. Her baby is funny. And her whole premise is, "Who cooks like this???"

Please. Take a gander. I am guaranteeing a smile.


Next, last night's dinner. Kudos to sous chef Ben Carlton. The concept? Recreate Han Dynasty (3rd Avenue & 11th Street, NYC) "destination food" spicy fish dish. 

  1. Two lbs Basa (a cheap white fish that reportedly has seen Vietnam, while I have not!)
  2. Couple of tbsps extra virgin
  3. Garlic, onion, jalapeno
  4. Sriracha or chili sauce
  5. Teenaged son who loves chopping
  • Have aforementioned offspring convert thick firm fish into 1" chunks
  • Season with kosher salt
  • Heat oil to medium in wok (or similar)
  • Sauté fish until browned on one side, maybe 5 minutes?
  • Flip around like you know what you're doing
  • Add garlic & friends and toss until soft
  • Hot sauce to taste, a few good shakes and then some
  • Stir fry total time: 10 minutes tops

The key here? Spicy, not-overdone, and serve in a bowl so the cooking juices keep the fish moist and hot. (TIP: Grab a few of those frozen leftover wonton soup or pho broth ice cubes you've been saving in the freezer and add at end. It's done when the wok is steaming and your whole house smells amazing!)