Fish Tale

I have mercilessly teased a dear friend of mine for always insisting on grilling the waiter about the provenance of her salmon. I am a huge consumer of raw fish (I eat so much raw tuna it is quite possible that I glow in the dark), and I am not picky. If it looks and smells fresh, game on. Farmed. Organic. Line caught on a cloudy day. Whatever.

That was until last month when my friends brought home local Atlantic salmon from the fishmongress at the Intermarche in La Jarrie. I was skeptical, but assigned the task of chef I did my thing (despite being relegated to a gas grill. Mon dieu!) 

The result? I am nearly at a loss of words. This fish -- with nothing more than a little oil, herb de provence and sea salt -- was beyond belief! The flavor, the texture. Mouthwatering is the best word I can come up with. If Scotland secedes from the UK in 2 weeks, my grill dollars are on their second best-known export. Goes well with rice pilaf and a wee dram.