A New Yorker in Wisconsin?

Odds are when we NY types think of Wisconsin the word "Madison" comes to mind. Or perhaps the Brewers. Milwaukee. Green Bay! But even when you think of the Packers, who has ever referred to them as Wisconsin's team? So when my wife proposed a summer's week in Door County, my first question was, 'Where the heck is that?' 

This is what happens when you marry into the Midwest. 

There is a county called Door that looks a lot like Cape Cod.

But as close as you are to the water - Green Bay and Lake Michigan are just a few miles apart - you're never far from the American heartland. 

There's plenty of good food to eat.

But most of all, no matter what direction you aim your bicycle or car, you find this incredible rich patchwork of images, all scattered and hidden at the very top of the Great Lakes.