Art. Work.

I did nothing today. So I did something, tonight.

Not exactly true. I worked hard. I wrote. About international shipping, and data; sales numbers, nanotechnology, and the environment. 

My day job. I created all day. I earned. I put food on the table. A little something to show.

My friend Roy has a day job, too.  He teaches music at a New York City high school. No easy feat, for sure. Roy also writes. And plays. And creates. We used to coach Little League together. Our kids still hang. The grownups occasionally get together. Tequila is sometimes involved.

We all went to see Roy gig tonight.  Roy Nathanson & Sotto Voce premiering their new work at The Public in NYC. 

I don't know many people who give more to their art than Roy. When he first stepped on stage, he sipped some coffee and thumbed through the pages on his music stand. He looked like it had been a long day at work. By the time his set was complete, the place was exuberant. Roy peered out through the stage lights. He seemed happy. A few moments later he was sitting cross-legged on the stage packing up his horns. I saw his guitarist out on the street, hauling his gear to the subway. Art is sacrifice. And hard work. The reward is mostly in the appreciation. Tonight I hope Roy and Sotto Voce went home wealthy. I know we sure did.